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Badoo can contain some adult content and since its’ a dating website, you have to be of eighteen years or older in order to sign-up as a new user.

Perhaps the largest dating and friendship related website in the world, Badoo boasts of having over one hundred million members who have signed-up since the website first began in 2006.

When you think about it, that’s over ten million members added to the website each year since it got its’ start over a decade ago.

The main goal of the website remains making sure that the Badoo users are able to meet new people without any complications and that they’ll be able to find romance or friendship depending upon their wants and needs.

In total, this website is available for use in 25 languages including popular ones such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, etc.

In addition to having its services used in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, Badoo is used in every continent including Africa and South America.

After registering the profile, you can begin to add profile pictures of yourself, which is required by Badoo.

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Every member of Badoo regardless if they are free or paid users are able to gain access to using the ‘search’ function in order to find other members who they may be interested in and would like to get to know better.Between the public profile, the personal pictures, the background images, the ‘search’ function, and the ability to message a few members per day, there are a lot of advantages to being a free user of Unfortunately, free members who use Badoo will not get access to every feature that is available on this dating website.Badoo is over a decade old and was first created in 2006.Since then, Badoo has shown a continual amount of exponential growth as it expands both its’ membership and its’ overall popularity.

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