Dating after being in a long term relationship

What I've been doing is going to as many social-type activities as I can find and handle (being introverted), but nothing really date-like.I've gone to protests with friends/acquaintances, visited people I haven't seen in a while, asked people to meet for lunch or coffee, board game singles night, walking club, volunteering, co-working, artist presentation thing, dog walks with my roommate, city festivals, exercise classes, business training stuff.Sports, volunteer work, dance (does that come under sports)?If it's not "your thing," doing it is not going to help you adjust. What about taking some classes for things you always want to learn? If you're in a state where you can't motivate yourself to do much, see a (good) therapist/life coach if you can afford it or hang out with close friends who don't push you to do their things.vhalros' suggestion about volunteering is great! Read the book "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken." Watch sad movies and cry all night.

At first I hated it, but then it became something I looked forward to every week. I suppose I'm just looking for a bit of social interaction, so joining clubs, classes, etc in areas I enjoy seems like a great option.

A couple of friends have said I should just have some casual "fun" because I'm in my 20's and won't have this sort of chance again. I want to be single for a while, but am sabotaging myself by being on these dating websites.

I suppose I'm just a bit lonely to be honest, so use it as a way to pass the time and boost my self esteem knowing that members of the opposite gender actually find me attractive and talk to me.

You're in your 20's, there's no rush here!

I was in that same boat about 2 years ago, there is no other way to put it... It seemed to come and go in waves for me, finally being able to feel somewhat happy again then out of nowhere depressed about everything.

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