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My brother teases me because he visited the set once and he says I was wandering toward the gate and they were like, "Ms. I like that she's flawed and arrogant and really good at what she does. She'll sing to me in a very funky voice and it cracks me up.And no matter what happens, she picks herself up and moves on. I've asked her to make a CD for me, which I've yet to receive!She eats like a trucker and tells jokes like a comic, then puts on the high heels and the dress and becomes Addison.She's amazing."Shonda Rhimes, creator and executive producer of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy Don't miss our exclusive video interview with Kate, behind the scenes at her cover shoot.The silver lining to this, however, is that I have a wonderful family and a great group of friends who really showed their support and encouragement, and for that I am truly grateful." Clearly, Kate isn't one to let a setback define her. Maybe because I was the youngest of five, it's like, "You're not so special." I think I have that humility, even though I work in a system that — I may get in trouble for saying this — it's like a high-end mental ward. She is that rare thing: a beautiful, intelligent woman who cracks a fantastic joke."Amy Brenneman, Private Practice costar"Kate always seems to be surrounded by a diverse group of interesting, passionate people.At the café, when I ask her to describe herself in three words, she's quick to blurt out "funny, willful," and — that wicked smile surfaces again — "troublemaker." Twenty minutes after she heads home, she texts two more: "opinionated" and "tardy." Could a crank call be next? At work, they dress you, they walk you to the bathroom. "What do you like most about playing Addison Montgomery? It's a testament not only to her vigorous interest in the world but also to the serious gravitational pull she exerts on anyone who comes into her orbit."Paul Adelstein, Private Practice costar"Kate is hysterically funny, and most people don't know that about her.Can the unlikely couple from completely different words end up falling in love and becoming a family? Destroying more young minds than syphilis and pinball combined — it’s a Canadian actor turf war! Also, I realized that this series has Greg Grunberg show up as much as any J. Abrams property, because we were in on that joke in the olden days) There's nothing of greater importance than gossip. American actor and race car driver, who is widely known for his role of neurosurgeon Dr. In 2014, he participated in the "24 heures du Mans".

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"Now this is facing it and dealing with it." No doubt, it's a situation with many familiar elements to Kate's own life. You've been likened to Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball. What was it like being in the vortex of the "Mc Dreamy/Mc Steamy" phenomenon? Sometimes I come off as confident, but really I am a quivering little wharf rat underneath who is radically insecure and deeply in need of love and understanding. It's hard to say without sounding cheesy or trite, but every day I am more awake. I speak a little of both — just enough to annoy and confuse people. I am in such a great place, and my life is moving more in a direction of connecting with people. I hear my mom talk about Kennedy and Martin Luther King — for me, this was the most significant political moment. They're superbig and have cowboys and Indians on them. Does playing a doctor make you more confident about your health or a complete hypochondriac? I don't know if it's a woman thing — to want to nurture something and also give back — but one of the things I have gotten into is volunteering at hospitals in L. I had people over to my house for a party to watch. I have two dogs and two cats, so I would probably be at home in my men's flannel pajamas. We will go out for the occasional mani-pedi, but we mostly just stay in. I have a really tight-knit group of lady friends and, I think more than anything else, we try to listen to each other as opposed to trying to dispense advice. I have gone through ups and downs, and it's human nature for someone to judge and say, "Here's what you need to do." But the most truly useful thing to do is to shut up and listen and tell the person that you're there for them unequivocally. I used to buy them at Trader Joe's, but I had to stop myself because I went through a bag a week. I was really lucky to get on a hit TV show, and it all happened when I was 37. It's funny in a way because when Grey's became a hit, I remember thinking, Why is this happening when I don't really care? You want a family, and you want to travel and to be in the world and not just think about your career. So you would like to have a family of your own someday? One of my favorite parts of the show is that we get to work with babies every episode. In fact, some days I find myself dressing like a museum docent."Audra Mc Donald, Private Practice costar"Kate sends me e-mails on my birthday to tell me she's glad I was born, flowers when I've had a bad day.

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