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I have some advice that says to code the original order with a -52 modifiier, with the example that the patient could not cooperate for the complete study.My thought is if there is a code for what was performed that is what should be coded. Our physicians order a nuclear stress test, and a pharmaceutical or treadmill stress is performed first. Are codes 9308 still appropriate since the stress was terminated?It also eliminates the risk of underestimating disease associated with insufficient sampling during catheterization."What are the chances that you have accurately identified the most stenotic view of any particular artery by sampling just five units of the left coronary and three of the right? "Very, very low." Most clinicians using angiography "eyeball" stenotic lesions, which typically results in overestimation, said Dr. In contrast, CTA quantitates lesions by calculating the exact area of a vessel, which, since no vessel is perfectly round, is far more relevant data than minimal luminal diameter.You can resume normal activities after the Nuclear Medicine Gastric Emptying Study. Your appointment is in the Institute for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (Radiology).You will be directed where to go when you check in.Also, are the injection and infusion codes billable from the hospital side? The rest portion is performed with images, and for various reasons the stress portion is not completed.

The radiology technologist will explain the Nuclear Medicine Gastric Emptying Study to you. If you have an allergy to eggs please inform the scheduler. Images will be made at specific times over a 4 hour period.I think the proper codes are 93016, 9301 or , as well as the radiopharmaceuticals and other drugs used.What codes should we be billing now to cover both the physician charges and the hospital charges? Patient comes in for a nuclear medicine stress test (78542).A primary function of nuclear stress testing is to determine which patients require catheterization.The cardiologists in our practice have recently become employed by the hospital, and we need to start billing the nuclear stress test as a global procedure.

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