Problem updating buzz

Every website you go to is instantly checked for malware by No Scripts.It feels very intrusive until you get used to it, because it disables Java everywhere until you enable it.No doubt you’ve seen news reports or a post on your social network alerting you to concerns about something called “Java” that could cause trouble on your computer.

If your Max Buzz is not syncing, click here for a step-by-step troubleshooting guide. Follow the steps on the screen to repair your device. If you have confirmed and tried all of the steps above, and your Max Buzz is still not syncing, click here for a step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

Make sure the subscription for your Norton security product (or other brand) is still valid and the product is up to date. I rebooted and my ERROR: 5013,3 and JAVA and a host of other garbage problems Disappeared...

Review your operating system and other key programs to be sure you are using the most current versions and have applied all appropriate patches. For a more technical review of the issue and Norton by Symantec’s recommendation, look no further than our Security Response team’s blog: Or the Oracle Security Assurance blog: Very Disappointed in Norton 360...which I have on Auto Updating... Received a message on startup that I had an Error: 5013,3... Everyone assumes that everybody knows what they know,a typical Computer Geek problem. AHN Exploit: JAVA/CAVE-2012-0507 Exploit: JAVA/CVE-2012-1723 Exploit: JAVA/CVE-20121723! I thought that is what I and thousands of others paid big bucks to NORTON to prevent ??? I use my PC on line most of the day just about every day, and after reading the comment by marine5 I was concerned that Norton may not be protecting my PC, so I downloaded and ran Microsoft safety scanner.

Have always trusted Norton and have it set up to the best qualification they suggest and no problems. I've been digging around my computer for months trying to get rid if it but all it does is make my PC crash.

I'm going to start bombing HP with emails because I didn't buy a new computer to have to deal with these types of issues from an add on program.

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