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Katie Holmes starred as the former First Lady in the 2011 series The Kennedys, Minka Kelly played Jackie in Lee Daniels' 2013 flick The Butler, and Ginnnifer Goodwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar have also taken turns to play the political figure.Many films have tackle real life characters in their biopic bids for glory and while some actors have done their real life counterparts justice, others have garnered critical attention for questionable casting. From start to finish this film is nothing more than stylised cliché. From the style of the film it's safe to say that the director is aiming at depicting a characters search for meaning in a superficial world of carnal desire and material illusion.If you've seen the first 5 minutes then there is absolutely no need to watch the rest, because nothing else happens. Unfortunately though, far from creating some kind of Zen reflection, the film itself remains as superficial as the characters it portrays.The actress briefly posed alongside her co-stars Tom Hardy, Zoe Kravitz and Nicholas Hoult - before reaching out to Penn to pose for photos together.The loved up couple were also joined on the closed carpet by Zoe Kravitz, Jack O'Connell, Julianne Moore and Noami Watts.

In a statement to TV news show "Extra," the star says, "Sean Penn is a friend and colleague.

The actor was out to support his girlfriend - who was working old Hollywood glamour in a strapless gown with a flowing train, and styled her hair with a side wave.

Penn, 54, was greeted by loud cheers as he arrived on the red carpet, but he made sure to let Theron take centre stage.

is about high school track and field coach Jim “Blanco” White and his wife who nurtured a bunch of poor, immigrant kids with short legs and turned them into running champions.

Hollywood star Natalie Portman is denying gossip reports that she's dating loser Sean Penn.

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