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Industry experts have claimed it could cost every household £20.The Country Land Owners Association condemned the decision to backpedal on a new legal guarantee, which was included in the Tory manifesto.But a new study by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport suggests a speed of 20 mbps would provide greater value for money.The study, which was slipped out on Sunday, suggests a legal minimum speed of 10 mbps would create benefits to the economy of £2.2 billion once the costs of achieving it are taken into account.It’s also the one with the most designer knick-knack.This is the place where the high society girls hang out. Once you have found the perfect girl in one of the stores, you can take her to the cinema in the mall.​I don’t want to bore the shit out of you with nightlife venues that overpromise and underdeliver.A spokesman said the minimum speed would be kept 'under review'.He added: ''By the end of this year 95 per cent of the UK will be able to access superfast broadband and the Universal Service Obligation will make sure that no-one is left behind.

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Ministers were under fire at the weekend after it emerged they could ditch the legal minimum altogether as part of a cosy deal with BT.It cannot be replaced by a cosy deal with just one company allowing it to deliver connection how it sees fit.'Accountability for delivering the rollout of broadband has been a closed shop discussion between the industry and the regulator for too long.It is this that the USO would end, making the consumer the enforcer.It's no wonder BT Group doesn't want that.'The CLA said any legal minimum should be made flexible enough that it can be increased at a later date as technology improves.The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said the decision to adopt a slower 10mbps target was based on Ofcom advice that this would meet the needs of most families.

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